February 5, 2022
3 mins

The 2021-2022 Sports D.A.T.A. Programming Schedule

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Our programming in year one was built from recommendations by our Programming Committee participants and from feedback we received from our membership during the soft launch.  Members wanted to hear from their peers about actual projects they worked on, they wanted hands-on training, and they wanted to learn how various organizations were implementing analytics into their organization. We believe we've constructed a format that satisfies this wish list.

Our programming is split into three types:

  1. Applying Analytics
  2. Analytics Training
  3. Recorded Media

Types of Programming

Applying Analytics:

These programming sessions are subject matter specific.  You will hear from professionals working in four broad subject matters: Revenue Generation, Administration, Sports Science, and Sports Analytics.

  1. Getting Started - An officer-led 60-minute live panel discussion introducing analytics within the subject matter vertical. Officers will discuss what analytics can be used for in the area, how it creates value, and offer any “low-hanging fruit” projects.
  2. Driving Impact - A moderator-led 90-minute live stream with subject matter experts describing their pathway to their role, presenting case studies on their experiences in the given area, and fielding questions on the subject matter.

Analytics Training:

Training from your peers about how to improve skills relevant to our work. These sessions are not subject matter specific.

  1. Reporting, Tools, & Tech (Beginner) - An instructor-led 90-minute live stream on creating/retrieving reports out of source systems, guidance on how to use them, demonstration of how to use Excel to enhance analysis, and sampling of related projects.
  2. Reporting, Tools, & Tech (Advanced) - An instructor-led 90-minute live stream on using analytics tools and tech to impact the given area. Advanced session may include dashboard development, use of SQL/R/Python, data/analytics engineering in a challenge-based setting.

Recorded Media

  1. Member Profiles - Profiles on Sports D.A.T.A. members working in various analytics roles.  
  2. Implementation Case Studies - Discussion on how different organizations or sub-units have designed and implemented analytics programs or teams.

New Events Space

Applying Analytics and Analytics Training sessions will be made available via the new Events space.   RSVP for each event and easily add it to your calendar from the same screen.